How to Register Online

Plan to add items to your shopping cart one at a time. 

1. To register, choose Full Lecture Series, Friday Keynote or Saturday Lectures. Enter registrant’s name and city and click on Add to Cart. You will immediately be taken to the VIew Cart page where you can confirm your order.

2. To add another registrant, click on Continue Shopping and enter the name and city of the new person. (You will likely have to delete or type over the information you entered for the previous person.)

3. To add a Saturday lunch, click on the lunch Add to Cart. (You can edit the number of lunches on the View Cart page.)

4. When you have finished ordering, choose your Checkout method on the View Cart page and pay using our secure PayPal service.

A reminder that you can use this service even if you do not have a PayPal account. With PayPal, no one at Wesley-Knox will ever see your credit card information. PayPal will simply debit your credit card, deposit your payment into a Wesley-Knox account, and then delete your credit card information.


Full Lecture

Series  $40

Friday Keynote Lecture  $15

Saturday Lectures $30

Optional Saturday Lunch  $10

Name of Registrant and City should be as you wish these to appear on your name tag. Your name tag(s) will be waiting for you when you arrive at Wesley-Knox and will serve as tickets for the lectures.


We welcome donations to help offset any shortfalls and to begin funding future lecture series. Thank you for considering making a donation.

$5 Donation            $10 donation             $20 donation

Special note: Donations will not be added to your shopping cart. They will be processed separately. This makes it possible for us, provided you supply a name and mailing address, to issue income tax receipts for donations of $10 or more. Receipts will be mailed out at the end of the year.

Once again, thank you for considering making a donation.